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Sales and leasing activities of a highly successful real estate brokerage require that the brokerage have a sound underpinning in the marketing of properties from both the seller/owner and the buyer/tenant perspectives. They are both businesses, and each side has their unique requirements. Brokerage is the art and business of bringing the sides together for mutual benefit.

Sabal Real Estate is an expert at marketing commercial properties.

Marketing for Sale – Commercial property buyers have a whole different perspective and set of requirements in their search for the right property for their business. If it’s an office space, the buyer may or may not need a lot of parking or may see only individual clients on an appointment basis. For a retail business, there are very detailed needs in the area of location, drive–by or walk–by customers, convenience to other shopping, and other factors. Manufacturing and industrial buyers have complex requirements influenced by nearby shipping or transportation, as well as local and national regulations, including environmental laws.

Sabal Real Estate has developed property evaluation strategies and systems that bring out all of the strengths in our seller clients’ properties. We know what to feature and how to feature it in print and online marketing. Only by having the information and detailed analysis data available, as the sellers want to see their property sell for top price in a relatively short period of time. We put together a marketing package that presents to potential buyers precisely what they want to see.

Marketing for Lease Properties – Many of the same detailed market demographics and financial calculations are required by tenants, as they are leasing properties for their business, and the property’s characteristics and location must meet their needs. We’re specialists in lease space marketing. We use print, online and other appropriate marketing media to reach prospective tenants with the information they need to evaluate your property for their business needs.

Whether we’re selling or leasing for our clients, we know how to present the property to the buyer or prospective tenant, as well as how to work with them in showing the property and realizing its potential for their business. We bring together all of the players for a successful sale or lease transaction.


Leasing a space for your business involves a number of critically important evaluation and selection criteria. Whether for a professional office, a retail space, development project or an industrial or manufacturing use. We will provide expert assistance throughout every phase of the process. Don't try to negotiate with a landlord or landlord's broker directly. Hire an advocate that knows the market and has a fiduciary responsibility to you, not the landlord. We will help you to locate the perfect lease space for your business and to negotiate the most beneficial lease terms.

Location Demographics – in locating an office or a retail business each has different selection criteria. However, both will be concerned with possible consumer traffic, convenience for access to customers, and for retail there can be a lot of business gained by locating in a space with other businesses and walking traffic, such as a mall. We’ll help the tenant to evaluate space for suitability to their business.

Lease Terms & Structure – From gross leases to triple–net, there are a great many ways in which a lease can be structured, and this structure can make a big difference in profitability. We help our tenant clients to evaluate lease options and terms for operation of a successful and profitable business.

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