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About Us

We are a licensed full service real estate brokerage firm that focus's on client satisfaction first. Our team is comprised of knowledge and expertise in each sector of the industry. This allows us to provide a full service guide to all of your real estate needs, whether it's to help your business growth, your dream home or to manage your investments tactfully and carefully.

Jenifer Raffa
Patricia Furrow
Sylvia Micarelli

Jenifer Raffa, Founder & Broker of Record

Almost 20 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate. Jenifer enjoys the throws of doing business, unlike most brokers, Jenifer works full time in sales. The passion she has for helping people reach their real estate goals is apparent in her track record. She is always available to her team and has so much passion for this business, she could talk to anyone for hours about her knowledge, experience and advice. Growing up with an immigrant father, he taught the importance of hard work, be responsible and honor your commitments. Jenifer focuses on investment sales, office leases and residential sales. She is knowledgeable, available and caring.

Patricia Furrow, Realtor / Sales Associate

10 years of experience in the residential real estate sector. Patricia focusing on investor management, she has extensive knowledge in the rental sector which includes management of investment properties. With this knowledge Patricia is able to assist investors in making informed decision on their real estate investments. Patricia has a unique advantage and edge over most real estate professional as she is certified in project, property and construction management.

Sylvia Micarelli, Realtor / Sales Associate

5 year of experiance. Excelling in going above and beyond the clients needs and expectations. 


Sylvia has always had a passion for helping others. For this reason she decided to begin a career in real estate.  She applies the knowledge and experience gained from obtaining her degree to help clients meet their real estate goals in a comfortable and stress free manner. In order to do so, Sylvia is patient, practices with focused listening, keeps clients informed and is prompt with her response to questions and concerns. She is always eager to help.

Steph headshot pic 2.png
Stephanie Siena

Stephanie Siena, Realtor/Sales Associate 15 years of industry related experience in the residential real estate sector. Stephanie previously worked as a Senior Mortgage Underwriter and has extensive knowledge of the real estate and financial services industry. She has excellent communication skills and will work hard to create a well-satisfied experience for those whom she serves.

Stephanie resides in South Jersey with her husband and two sons. She is the spouse of a military veteran, and is committed to serving her clients and community, as she has throughout her life. She has a passion for helping others and going above and beyond to make a positive experience for everyone.

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